Urgent memo on PRISM - Told You So. See here for my take on it.

This confidential document details principal elements of the modern world Secret Internet Police and their role in the manipulation of the internet for the control of the worlds population. Aspects covered include: This interim positioning report is fashioned as an ongoing working document to cover the otherwise non-existent secret Internet Police. Severeral assumptions are made.

Dark Days

We have entered dark days. Evil is upon us. Just because it is not the clearly understandable evil of the Nazi regime or the evil of communism or any other repressive organisation, we are here none the less and history will look back and wonder how we ever let them get this far. This is an evil imagined by Goerge Orwell of thought control, and thought crimes. With the birth of the internet came the promise of a new form of freedom, but instead the internet will divide and isolate and legislate our every action from the moment we awake to the time we go to sleep. A time when only the controlling elite will have the priviledge to think freely, to enjoy peace and a world where millions of Matrix like slaves will power the Maslowic self actualisation of the master race controlling the population from idylic flower fortified castles in the suburbs.

Consider the title of Bill Gates book, 'Business At The Speed Of Thought', the internet. The crystallisation of thought. The almost integrated synergy of mind, fingers and keywords.

The only way out is to resist. To expose the evil, to focus and identify the parts of the elephant that you can see. To make it common place to discuss what we have all been thinking. To fight this war. Only by fighting the invisible enemy will you realise that it is there, because it will fight back. If you are reading this document then the chances are they already know who you are. This is a call to arms, but this war can only be won by thinking. In this document I will give you everything I know. Some of it might appear insane, crazy, you might wonder if its a joke. All I can do is write what I can. Take it and tell your friends.

Why Are They Secret

They are secret because they are not chasing criminals. They are chasing free thinkers, and freemen. Its the normal police that chase criminals. The Secret Internet Police are PsyOps, trying to change peoples perceptions, ways of thinking without being found. They operate on a squatter basis. they can enter anyone, ie your mind, as long as they dont damage anything, ie, as long as you dont find out. As long as you figure it out they can stay. The difference is, if you use this invisible gun to shoot this invisible monster, you could well hit it and see the blood. Knowing they are there is the first step to keeping them out.

The Author