Denial Of Service

Denial Of Service of a secret Internet Police strategy thats as subtle as it is frustrating. To start off with its not permanent. Its not designed to be. Its designed to frustrate, and restrict, cause sleep deprevation and mental fatigue and eat time.

For example, rather than make your broadband not work, they program intermittent periods of downtime. This downtime is untracable. You can complain about a lost Broadband connection which involvesd non Secret Internet Police, but you cant really copmplain about Broadband services dropping a lot as that happens all the time.

Other examples include mobile phone services being accidentlly switched off, out of range, hardware designed to not work on command, web hosts that stop working for no reason, small untraceable problems that strike at critical moments. They might only be for 5 minutes but if it was that 5 minute sjust before you were rushing out the door then its done its job.

The idea is to cause frustration which is a primary tool of the Secret Internet Police. You could be working on something, as you might, something goes wrong, you loose your train of thought, and you dont complete what you were doing and your might is not prepared to carry on.

So note, Denial Of Service in these cases is not like in the real world. Its not permanent, It is designed to take up 5 minutes or 5 hours of your time sorting it out, stopping what you were doing and maybe never doing it.

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