Well, the latest scandel is the release of a 30 page Power Point presentation used to introduce NSA staff to the Prism system. Wow. As if we couldnt already guess. I actually stated about 10 years ago that 'THEY' have done it already. Whatever it is and whoever they are. They have taken control of socila media, communications and freedom. All they have to do is reverse engineer it into our culture via a string of false flag shooting sprees, terrorist attacks and peodophile murderers. Here they are deliberatly introducing us to what they have been doing SINCE FOREVER. Shock horror, people will sit back and FORGET ABOUT IT TOTALLY. Whilst im sitting back jerking off to teenage porn girls the SECRET INTERNET POLICE are jerking off to the orgasmic visualisation of the stupidity of every person on the planet as absolutly nothing happens and everyone forgets about it.

Years Ago

I actually jumped out of bed to at least say something. Its a bit hard to write this site seeing as their secret outer space microwave system is turning me blind as a dead giraffe. However, I was sruck by how bleeding obvious it was. Really. I looked up the date I got this domain, 2007. thats about 6 years ago, not long really in internet years, but symbolic of the fact that it was bleeding obvious even then, and it was obvious before, it just hadnt crystalised as clearly such that it warranted a site.

I remember

I can remember about 2004 it must have been, maybe 2003? I am a bit vague on that, but I remember the first time I really noted the 'boot' from the secret internet police.

I had booked a holiday as it was my birthday and a client was 'conveniently' dragging my time out. I mean, I did him a web site and his token ring stopped working. Anyone remember token ring? Well, the two bear no relation, but seeing as he really didnt understand I lost a day of my holiday to fix that. All engineered by the secret internet police or the powers that be, in my opinion. Not coincidence. Anyway, I finally got to my holiday and guess what. They choose that very day, on my birthday, to delete my Myspace account. No questions, deleted, all 3000 friends, all of them young girls, and all my photos and posts and comments etc. I was doing nothing illegal But they chose my birthday to inflict a pschological blow to me leaving me ON MY OWN essentially. I was literally on my own in a hotel room with none of the usual social support I was accustomed to. Then I was very dependent on Myspace for general social interaction and whilst it wasnt a major thing in reality, loosing it then was a massive blow as it was clear that it was a message from THE SECRET INTERNET POLICE that they didnt like me. The thing is, I remember it, its just a small detail. And then they built Facebook where its virtually impossible to make 3000 friend. To start off with you get banned if you send out more than 5 friends requests at a time.


The point im making is that they have been doing it forever. Listening in, engineering expectations, manipulating the way you think. Today I actually signed up with the Telegraph to comment on the Police Terror Tactics ahead of the G8 convention in Soho London to arrest a lot of protesters who were busy making banners in a disused building. Thats essentially thought crime, or Precrime. Thats anticipating what they were going to do, and arresting them ahead of their imagined infringements whilst the Masters Of THis Planet meet to discuss the New World Order and laugh at how powerless people are to redress issues like the Prism scandel. Point being, when I commented IMMEDIATLY my comment was RED FLAGGED DOWN TWICE - Thats the Secret Internt Police disguised as respectable citizens, ready to undermine any action by a free person. Another post far more damming than mine got 3 green up arrows.

American Constitution

I live in exile in Holland as im terrified of the evil that is the British Government (part time exile, I need to earn a living, but it throws them off), but I have a copy of the American constitution. In there it clearly emphasises the need to checks on government tyranny. I also have selections from Walden, Civil Disobediance. Written in 1849. In there he clearly critisises the American governemtn for continually going to war against someone. In that case Mexico. The parrallels are complete. He essentially argues that a governemtn that cannot argue with reason rules by force and is a tyranny. The American constitution states that it is every citizens duty to resist and overthrow tyranny. George Orwell visualised a series of rules written on a wall, 4 legs good, 2 legs bad. But that soon changed to All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others, and Four legs good, two legs better! The point is, at what stage will RESISTING TYANNY actually be conditional on it being as long as its from Pakistan or the Middle East? Will America be allowed to bear arms and muster militias like their constitution demands. ITS A DUTY, not a right. The people are EXPECTED TO RESIST AND FIGHT. The constitution makes it clear that government should be weak so that the people can remove tyranny.

Nazi Terror - Eric Johnson

Read this book. Its all about how the German people tolerated and accepted the rise of the third reich. A personal commetn on that. The Nazis galvanised the people by creating a common enemy, the Jew. And hating Jews was not just a German thing. I recently read directly in the Times 1853 May that Austria then made it illegal for Jews to own land. It wasnt a German hatred persea, it was European. However, the book details how people didnt challenge the third riech because of many reasons. NOT FEAR. The manipulatin of public opinion.

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